Surrey Hills Counselling


Carol helped me through a difficult time when I had just lost my job and my marriage was falling apart. I was feeling very low. Talking to Carol helped me to come to terms with the situation and I have since got on with my life.

Client 1, Weybridge

My world fell apart when I was given the news that I had cancer. Carol was there for me and supported me throughout.

Client 2, Cranleigh

When my partner died, I was inconsolable and began drinking heavily. I am thankful I found Carol, as I don’t know what I would have done without her.

Client 3, Send

Painful memories from my past kept emerging, I didn’t understand them. Carol helped me to unearth the root of the problems that involved childhood abuse. With her help and support, I have found that I am much more settled with my life now.

Client 4, Sheffield, via SKYPE